Monday, June 29, 2009

Enjoying Summer!

I love Summer!

We are enjoying the warm weather here!  It's been gorgeous!  Ahhh--Sunshine is good for my soul! (Hence my nickname.)

Here are the girls watching the boys play at the park

My silly kids!

Addison is Adorable!!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Arches Trip

Arches National Park

This trip was so awesome!
R-Jay and I love Southern Utah.  But we haven't been back for at least 8 years!
So we decided it was time to show our kids a place we love.
We stayed at the KOA in Moab in a Kamping Kabin.  So much fun! I highly recommend it
We hiked, and played in the dirt, and watched movies in our little cabin.
R-Jay hiked the Devil's Garden trail early Friday morning while I hung out at the cabin with the kids.
I was sad to come home!
Here are some awesome photos!

Looking up at Double Arch

Rock art just outside of Moab

It was so windy on Friday. Sam had fun at the Park Avenue overlook.

A great view of Double Arch

Sand Dune Arch--Awesome trail for kids!

Sam on the trail to Balanced Rock--he and I hiked this trail together.  So fun!

On the way to Sand Dune Arch! Unfortunately the wind was blowing hard, whipping the sand around and into our eyes!

Jack's cute feet!

Jack at the base of Skyline Arch.  He and I hiked this trail together.  He and I had such a good time!

Addison this last Sunday (sorry it's stuck in the middle here.  You know me and Blogger!).

Jack and I on the Skyline Arch trail.

My boys at the opening to the Sand Dune Arch trail.

Addison looking very serious after lunch--look at those eyes!

Everyone at the base of Double Arch.  They loved climbing on the rocks underneath the arch.  It gave me a bit if a heart attack though!  The slickrock was pretty steep!

There will be more photo to come, I'm sure. There are so many good ones!  And I'll show pictures of the mini book I make about the trip. 
This trip was so good!