Monday, October 4, 2010

She's back!

Here we are!

We are alive! Here are a few things that we have been up to.

Cute Addison!

Lion King Broadway show-Amazing!

Jack started preschool. He LOVES it! Isn't he a goof!

Sam started 1st Grade-he's getting so big!

Hanging out at Bear Lake. That's me with the book while everyone played. Great time!

Hiking in Logan Canyon. We've done a lot of hiking this summer. Definitely one of our favorite activities.

My girl likes to play in the dirt...

...and get all dressed up!

I'm participating in a Round Robin Journal Project set up by Paula (Journal Artista). This is the first Spread I did in July's journal. I love how it turned out. July is an amazing artist. I felt unworthy to work in her journal!

Here is my second spread in her journal. Love it!

I have Paula's journal now and the pages are coming along. This has been so much fun!

I've been working hard on orders and doing well there. I will have an update about my Etsy shop in a few days (hopefully).

And more posts to come!

See you soon! Jamie