Sunday, May 31, 2009

watch this video!

If you are a woman, you need to watch this video!!

This girl is beautiful and inspiring! I am going to watch this every single day, at least once! :)

And I say in response--HELL YEA!

Have a beautiful day!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Prosthetic Toenail

Prosthetic Toenail

A few weeks ago, the front panel from one of our kitchen drawers fell off and landed on my toe.  I had to go to the doctor where they drilled a hole in my toenail and drained the stuff out.  It has taken forever to get better.  Well, finally, while at the cabin, the nail fell off completely!!  It was kind of gross, though not as bad as I expected.  I won't frighten you with a photo, though I did take one.  It feels so much better.  But now I have no toenail.  I was talking to R-Jay about it last night, telling him that I am so upset and worried that the toenail might not grow back in.  And do you know why I am so worried? BECAUSE MY PEDICURE WOULD BE MESSED UP FOREVER!!
Yes-you can laugh at me.  I asked R-jay  if he thought there was such a thing as a prosthetic toenail.  He laughed at me.  I was only half joking!  Anyway-I am glad my toe is finally healing, and praying that the toenail grows in fine. 
I'm a dork.  I know.
I'm ok with that.

Cabin trip

Cabin Trip

Our trip to Island park and Yellowstone was fun.  There was still a bit of snow (a lot in the back).  It was not terribly cold though.  We had a fun time in Yellowstone.  We did not see a bear-we have some built in bear repellent I think.  For at least the last two years, my parents and sister have seen bears but we never have. Dumb!  Apparently they have been having a lot of troubles with Grizzlies in Island Park, especially near Macks Inn.  Which, by the way, is at the bottom of the hill from our cabin!  One incident happened just on April 30 only a few block from our cabin and on the same street as my Aunt and Uncle's cabin.  Last year they had a notice posted in their door that said a bear had been spotted near their cabin and they needed to take precautions.  Crazy!  Needless to say, we were a little hesitant to spend too much time outside.  R-Jay had to go out after dark a couple times and he came running in all freaked out. He's so cute.

Addison is adorable of course!

These babies were also adorable!

Elk at Mammoth Hot Springs picnic area

Porcelain Basin trail

Part of that same trail.

All in all it was a fun trip.  Anyone who has small kids knows that a vacation with kids is not really a vacation.  It's just like being at home only harder because you are in a different place.  We had fun though.  We played games, watched movies, ate yummy food, saw beautiful areas.  We are going back the middle of June for an entire week.  Fun!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Prayers please!

Prayers for baby Cody!  My nephew was born 2 days ago and is still in the hospital with some problems.  Thanks for your faith!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Art Share


Here are some of our latest projects!

My Mother's Day cards:

My pig from Sam--he's so funny!

This is from Jack.  (R-Jay helped a bit)

A page about my favorite birthday present EVER!!
Isn't my Hubby sweet!?

This is a close up of the large color block so you can see the detail better.

Another close up.
Products used-- Cardstock: Close to My Heart (Black), Prism (Turqouise); Transparency: Hambly; Letter Stickers: American Crafts; Stamps and ink: Close To My Heart; Jewels: Close To My Heart; Pen: Zig writer.

I am loving doing pages for Addison.  I love all the pink stuff! Crazy!

A close up of the this cute butterfly
Products used--Patterned Paper: BasicGrey (dark pink), CK Kit of the Month (pink grid); Transparency: Hambly; Letter Stickers: Making Memories; Velvet ribbon: Unknown; Paper border strips: Making Memories; "Love" Epoxy Sticker: Unknown; Butterfly die cut: Amy Butler for K & Company; Glitter Glue: Ranger; Scallop die cut: Amy Butler for K & Company; White Gel Pen: Sakura; Chipboard monogram: Close to My Heart. 

A layout about how much I love R-Jay's hands. 
Part of the journaling talks about when I first saw him sculpt.  
We were not officially dating yet (though we both knew it was serious).
He was working on an assignment for school at USU.
I was in the studio waiting for him to finish.
I watched the way his hands moved almost on their own, how gently he touched the material as he worked.
I really loved him that night!

Close up of some details.  I LOVE layers.
Products used--Cardstock: Close to My Heart; Patterned paper: BasicGrey (green), Unknown (white strip); Transparencies: Hambly (green brick), My Minds Eye (flourish); Brads and Screwhead eyelets: Making Memories; Letter stickers: American Crafts; Pen: Zig Writer.

Hope you enjoyed that!  
I want to share my work more often!
I have some Close to My Heart demos coming up so I will get those posted soon!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Family Art Day

Family Art Day

I was feeling kind of sorry for myself Friday night because my art journal retreat had to be postponed.  It's also coming up on the time I was scheduled to go on a Watercolor Journaling field trip to the Channel Islands in California.  I cancelled that trip when I found out I was pregnant.  Since Addison came 5 weeks early, I would have been able to go! These 2 things prompted a Family Art Day.  R-Jay and I have been talking about this for a while--having time set aside on a regular basis for us all to work on art projects together.  It was first inspired by Amanda Soule.  (They recently had a family draw night which added to my desire to do this.)  Since it was such a beautiful day on Saturday, we put up the table and all headed out.  Here's what we worked on:

Addison sleeping--she loves it outside! (She's my girl!)

Jack just messing around--he's not really into art!  Where did he come from?

Sam's clay "projects"

Art journaling

R-Jay sculpting
 (doesn't he have such SEXY hands!!  It's one of the first things that made me fall in love with him!)

All in all it was a great afternoon.  The weather was perfect, we had a fun time.  R-Jay and I got some things done.  It felt good to do something that fit with the "culture" of our family.  This is important to us (obviously!).

Have a great day!

PS--Hi Russ!

Monday, May 4, 2009


For some reason the post I just published was put in between a couple previous ones.  The date is wrong also. Weird! You know me and my blogger issues!  Anyway-look below for the newest post (silly baby photo!).  Sorry!