Thursday, August 30, 2007

A few days ago, I was putting laundry in the washing machine. Because it is such a brainless activity, my mind started to wander. I realized that as I was working, I was not smiling. I have only recently stopped working and started being home all the time and I am still adjusting. I like it more and more as time goes on, but I am trying to find my "place" as a stay at home mom. Anyway-I thought, "why am I scowling? Do I hate doing laundry? NO. Am I depressed? NO. Am I happy? YES. Do I like being at home? YES." All this in a matter of a few seconds. But I realized that even though I am happy being home (and I actually love doing laundry!) I am not a "whistle while you work" type of person. For a second I felt bad that I wasn't, then I got over it and decided that it's ok to be the type of person I am-whatever that type is! Yay!

I participated in a favorite things swapjack at the Red Velvet Art blog. It was so fun! I am not going to post photos of what I sent Tracey in the UK until she receives the package. I don't want to spoil it! I will post photos soon though, as well as photos of what I receive from her. What a fun thing this was! I am so glad I participated! Those girls at Red Velvet Art are so fun and creative! Love it!

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Organizing!!I have been trying to get my house organized this week. I started with my studio, but then to finish I had to move on to kids clothes and books also. It's no wonder I have been putting off organizing kids clothes. It's quite the job! I got rubbermaid containers and labeled each one with the size of clothes. Then it will be easy to know where to look for something. When I was pregnant with Jack and started to get things ready, I had to go through every box of baby clothes. It was annoying. This will be much nicer.
Now my studio. Yikes! What a mess it was. It was becoming quite cluttered and such a haven for spiders! And we have huge hobo spiders out here in Tooele. I mean huge! Yuck. So I finally had had enough of them and decided to clean out. I want there to be as few places for them to live as possible. This is a photo of my table and floor in process. It actually looks much better than it did a couple of days ago.

This is a bookshelf in my room. I love to have things around that make me happy. My table actually faces this bookshelf and I can look at the photo of me and Sam in Yellowstone and all those beautiful mini books.

Again, I like things that make me happy so i like to hang stuff on string with clips: layouts I am stuck on, ideas for paintings, actual paintings, fun photos, etc.

I did get 2 more paper racks into my room. I could only fit one in there before. The rest were out in the family room. But now I have 3 total (one is still in the family room!). I am so excited. People always tease me about how my studio looks like a scrapbook store. Now it really does!

Finally I wanted to jot a quick note about Jack's first birthday. My baby is ONE!! I can't believe it--it has gone by so fast. He's a cutie!! Here he is with Grandma Brown.

Here he is with Aunt Tavia (not really an aunt. She's my best friend and may as well be a sister!).

Here he is with Daddy. So cute--both of them! I am so blessed. Life is good.