Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Good mail days

Good Mail Days!

I put my address up on a mail art website recently when they were asking for people to write to each other. It has been so much fun! I have met some really cool people and I have a long list of people still to write to. Here are some things I've gotten so far.

This is not from the mail. But my good friend Robyn brought this over. I was so excited! I love this stuff! Thanks Robyn!

I'm ready for a quiet evening alone answering mail!

This first mail I received from this letter group! Vintage postcards from Christine!
So cool!

Awesome mail from Patty. I love how she recycled a used envelope. Cool idea! Her goal this year was to write 365 letters! And she is on track!

Inside she included some images to use on more mail art. And I really loved how her letter was written on advertisements from a magazine! I so have to try that! And it was an ad for Tiffany's no less! Y'all know how much I love tiffany's! I still haven't shown you my mother's day gift-from Tiffany's! I love my hubby. I'm getting off track!

This is from Marnie. Love that envelope! She's a sweetheart. I've got a package going out to her soon.

A little note from Stephanie with some goodies. So fun!

Here's a closer look at her envelope. I love it!

From Linda. She sent this little book and an amazing handbound, leather journal with handmade paper inside. So gorgeous! I felt spoiled and slightly unworthy. I still have to find something to send to her that is equally cool!

This mail stuff has been so much fun! i love talking to people around the country and I have the addresses of people in other countries also. So fun! I love how the internet can help people connect over miles and miles. I have met so many cool people! I'm doing a round robin art journal project with some ladies from YouTube and I know that when I am ready to start my own round robin project I have a bunch of people ready to participate. It's awesome!

CONTEST UPDATE! The final video for my art journal contest is coming. Be patient! It has been crazy since we've been back. It will be up probably by this weekend. I have gotten some message from people telling me they do not have a YouTube account but would like to participate. Since I am not the kind of person who would solicit subscribers with a contest I will make it more fair. Three people to leave a comment on the video that is coming and 3 people to leave a comment here on my blog with the same information (see contest rules). That way everyone can play! Yay!

Talk to you soon!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Of to the woods and contest

Fun things!

First of all, look at my girlie girl walking around with bracelets on her arms. So cute! She looks so big! She's 15 months now. (That's crazy jack in the background.)

Second, check out my YouTube channel because I am having a contest. Here are the details:

Watch the 2 videos titles Yellowstone Art Journal Kit Parts 1 & 2.
Pay attention to the items I show (or talk about!).
When I return from my trip, I will make another video of what I've made while I was away.
Watch for the things that I showed in the 1st videos used on my pages.
The first 3 people to leave a comment on the 3rd video telling me SPECIFICALLY what they saw from the first videos and where I used it in the 3rd video will get a prize.
Anyone can play along-you don't have to be a subscriber (though I do love subscribers!).
**UPDATE: I will also give a prize to the first 3 people to leave a comment on this blog if you are unable to comment on the video. Please choose one or the other. Thanks!

So much fun! I know a lot of you are looking forward to the next video. I'm excited about your enthusiasm!

Lastly, we are headed off to the woods again!
See you in a week!

PS-I added my address to a mail blog and I got some mail yesterday! Ah! I was so excited! It was from a very sweet lady named Christine. I haven't taken photos yet. But there were 2 vintage postcards from 1946! So cool! I LOVE stuff like that! Yay!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Art Journal Process

Art Journal Process

I got some new art materials in the mail yesterday and was very anxious to play with them.  I started working on backgrounds, then was taken with a green page I had painted previously.  It took off and I ended up going through the whole process and finishing it.  I took photos along the way for you!

Here is a peek into how I work in my art journal:

Blank pages ready to go.  I love using composition books.  They are sturdy (though the pages are flimsy which can be remedied) and cheap.  I don't feel bad doing whatever I want to them.

Here is how I remedy the situation with flimsy pages.  I tear up random magazine pages and glue them onto the blank pages.  It doesn't matter what is on them since the images will be covered up anyway.  Then take a snack break-hehe!

Cover the magazine pieces completely with gesso or acrylic paint.  I'm using gesso here.  I have never used this type before and I'm not sure I like it for backgrounds in the AJ (art journal).  It's too think.  I'll just use it for texture on my mixed media paintings.

Allow the gesso or paint to dry completely.  Here I am using a heat tool.  I am incredibly impatient! :)

Apply paint with an old credit card, gift card, or palette knife.  I love the way the paint goes on with these tools.

Spray watered down acrylic paint, glimmer mist (as I did here) or other spray ink and let it drip down the page. LOVE this look!

Choose collage elements.

That's as far as I got on that yellow page.  Now I move on to the page that I finished last night.  Still picking out collage pieces.  

I tore the vintage book page into pieces without any thought, then adhered them using gel medium.  The kind I'm using is Liquitex Matte Gel Medium.   I love it.  It is thick and smooth.  For many months I used a gel medium from Golden and I didn't like it very much.  I used it all up so I don't even have the jar to tell you exactly what it was.  But I really love this one.  And I don't have to use much so I think this jar will last a really long time.  On this page there are also pieces of handmade paper and an image from The Graphics Fairy.  I also added some old Basic Grey rub-ons randomly around.  Again with the glimmer mist drips.

Next comes inking and random stamping.  I love that Tim Holtz stamp.

Added some more random rub-ons and ink to the edges.

Add embellishments.   I have not been able to break out of my comfort zone and add any really bulky embellishments.  I still keep it flat.  Here I added inked labels and an acetate butterfly.  I thought the page needed some red to warm it up a little bit.

Added the title with Making Memories foam letter stamps and black acrylic paint. 

Once the title was done, I thought the page was done and I could move on to the penwork.  I added a quote with a black Sharpie poster paint pen.  I LOVE these! 

I outlined some of the elements with a black waterproof pen to give them more dimension.

Here's what it looks like with journaling added to it.

More pen work with a white Sharpie poster paint pen.  Also some random white doodle swirls around.

The finished product!  I love it!

Close up

I don't know why this one is blurry. Sorry! You can still see what I wanted you to see though.  Notice the red smudges and red along the edge.  I just added that with my finger--once again, to give it warmth.

So there you go! I hope it helps you.  Let me know if you have any questions.  I made a YT video about this page.  It will be uploaded soon (I'm headed over there when I am done with this post!).  Remember: BlackSunJamie is my name over there.

Have a good night! Go make something! And then come back and show me! :)