Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sorry for the Absence!

I have been so so busy the last few months.  I'm telling you ahead of time, I will not be posting much in the next few weeks.  Once things settle down after the holidays I will get back into regular blogging.  Sorry about that!

Here are some random fun photos for you to enjoy! :)

Addison on Halloween (So cute!)

Sam and Jack on Halloween
Those are the pumpkins we grew this year.

Me and my boys

Addison on her new mattress (finally sleeping in her own room!  I procrastinate because I love my babies close to me!)

Jared Leto with 30 Seconds to Mars (Concert with Tavia this week).  So cool!

Reenacting the Nativity with my extended family.

Have a wonderful season and I'll be back when I can!