Thursday, February 5, 2009

Lots of hanging out

Lots of this...!

I'm sorry to say, there has been a lot of this going on at our house lately.  I am now 31.5 weeks pregnant and exhausted.  The anemia I have also contributes significantly to my tiredness.  So we sit around too much, watch too much tv, read too many books, and are all ruled by general laziness.  It is incredibly hard for me to be like this.  I am usually always up doing something.  But these days, I carry the laundry up from downstairs and I have to rest for an hour.  It's crazy!  And I have such a hard time getting up and going in the morning.  Right now it's nearly 10 am and I am still in my pjs (so are the boys).  

We've been trying to paint the boys' room.  We got one wall primed and painted this weekend.I was glad to get that one wall painted since we had to do it around two crazy paint-obsessed kids, work, a friend's birthday party in Orem and regular life.  I have not taken any photos yet. This weekend we will finish it up.  It should go faster since this color did not need a primer, we don't have as much going on and R-Jay and I will both be working on it at the same time (rather than tag team like last week).  I'll be sure to take some photos.  You may be surprised at the colors.  We let the boys choose.  But I say-Hey! It's their room! I'm ok with what they want to do.
This was a special moment between brothers that I caught the other day.  They had begged me to come out and build a snowman.  I felt guilty for so much tv watching so I agreed.  I got them ready, sent them out, then had to rest for a few minutes (see what I mean!). I finally got dressed and was sitting down to put on my boots when what do I see out the back window? These two cute boys.  They had moved these chairs to face each other and were talking to each other while they ate big chunks of (fresh) snow.  How amazingly cute!  I was glad the camera was sitting right at the computer desk in front of the door so I could capture this moment!!  By the way-the snow was too powdery to make a snowman which was good because I was really too tired to do much anyway! 

I am  hoping to get a couple of creative projects done in the next little while.  I need to make some valentine's cards for a meeting I have tonight.  I will be sure to take some photos.  I an hoping to post a lot more of my creative projects on this blog this year.  I just haven't been doing much.  I am really hoping that this will all be over once the baby comes.  I can't wait to be back to my normal self!!

Have a great day and I will talk you again soon!


Meshell said...

Love the picture of the boys having their talk...too cute. I enjoy those boys so much they are great kids!

Chelsie Boo said...

you should post some pictures of the cabin in yellowstone so i can ooogle over them.