Saturday, July 23, 2011

Let's get real

Let's Get Real

So in this post, we are going to talk about what it's really like at my house when I am very pregnant.

1- I forget everything!
2-I am very very cranky.
3-I am very anti-social. I think my friends all think I hate them. (It's not true!).
4-I cannot get motivated to do any art.
5-I cannot get motivated to open my shop (someday soon I promise!).
6-I completely neglect my blog--wait, I do that even when I'm not pregnant.
7-I completely neglect my online friends (by the way, my friend Paula just filmed a DVD for Cloth Paper Scissors!).
8-I completely neglect my responsibilities for groups I've joined.
9-I don't play with my kids much.
10-I read a lot (both a positive and a negative).
11-I do not get much housework done (see photos below).
12-I whine a lot.
13-I cry a lot (usually when I am alone and feeling frustrated that I can't do much).
14-I'm pretty slacking in my church calling (see #1).
15-I'm sure there are more but I can't remember (again, see #1).

Bathroom floor needs to be swept and mopped

Cluttered countertop

Jack's room (did he really just clean it on Thursday?)
Now, the boys usually clean their own rooms twice a week, but I will pick up here and there in between those scheduled cleaning days. Not so much right now.

Clutter under the desk and needs to be vacuumed. See that book on the floor-Talking Dirty with the Queen of Clean. Ironic.

Sam's room. Again, all this since Thursday? *Sigh* boys!

So, you can see that right now is not the happiest time in our home. It's not terrible, but we are all ready for the baby to be here so we can get back to normal. Hopefully soon!
I will be 37 weeks along tomorrow. I guess no preemies this time!
I have been having a lot of contractions for the last couple of weeks and when I went to the Dr on Wednesday, he said I was almost 3 cm dilated. Maybe the next post will be about baby Avery? Pray that that is the case. I am ready!

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