Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Fun Swap!!

My package arrived!! It actually arrived several days ago. I am just really slow at getting things posted! So here was the package. I love mail!! Inside, eveything was wrapped so cute!
And here it is! Some yummy treats, a journal and pen (cool!), and an awesome collage with an ocean theme. So cool!! I loved it all so much. It was so fun getting a package from the UK. Tracey, you are awesome!

And here is what I sent to her. A mini book I made for her, some Bohemia transparency frames (my fav!), a book about my favorite place in Utah-Moab, and of course, a Book of Mormon. I made some cute tags explaining each gift. They turned out so cute! I am definitely going to do that some more. I have been intimidated by tags in the past, but this opened up my imagination. I have Big Picture Scrapbooking by Stacey Julian. In the back of that book, there are some tags that are to be made into a mini book. So cool. I haven't done anything with them yet but now I really want to. Tags are a very fun base to build on and play with. I'll post it when I finish!

Enough rambling for tonight! Later! J

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TopCat76 said...

Hi Jamie, just wanted to say THANKS for the gifts, I loved them! (I did email you but have been having trouble with outbound emails lately!)
Trace x