Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Hi Baby!

Hi daddy!
Isn't this a great photo to start with? Are you a little glad you're in Nebraska, not here listening to this? He is cute though and I kind of just want to laugh when I see his face!
Sam said he wanted to show you his sparkly dress. And he wanted me to take pictures of him dancing around in his sparkly dress. So here he is. He's posing-Cheese!

While I was taking a photo of Sam saying "Cheese", I heard Jack behind me saying "Cheese cheese cheese." So he is actually posing and saying "cheese" in this photo. So cute! Of course it's blurry because he wouldn't hold still!

All day he has been climbing in the baby swing, making it swing, standing up, falling out, etc. It's been annoying. I actually had to move it into the library because I was tired of him getting into it!
And right now they are banging metal sticks on the metal chairs in the dining room! I am going to scream! Agh. Time to take those sticks away. Well, we love you R-Jay and I hope you have a great night. I will get a photo of the dishes later. I didn't get a chance before I posted this! Later love! Jamie and Sam and Jack
PS-a couple cute photos I thought you'd just like see tonight. Love you!


R-Jay said...

I love these pictures! It is so fun to see our boys being their crazy and sometimes annoying selves. I could just picture them with those horrid metal sticks.

I also loved seeing pictures of you. That one of us together really is a great picture. You look so happy and beautiful.

I hope anyone else reading this is jealous.

Chelsie said...

hay Jamie that is a really cute picture of you and Rj