Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Addison's album

Cute Album
Part 1

Here are some photos of the 6x6 album I made for Addison.  I had made one for Jack right after he was born.  It included details of his birth, the time in the hospital, his new home and the first few days.  I loved having all that stuff in one place, especially in the first weeks after his birth.  I wanted to do the same thing for Addison.  So I got an album (We R Memory Keepers 6x6 3 ring album in Kiwi), picked some papers that coordinated and started putting an album together.  I was pre-making the pages so that when she was born all I had to do was add the photos and journaling. The colors were brown, sage green and turquoise.  I loved the paper (it had trees and little deer on it!) and the few pages I made were cute.  But when she was born, I could not use it.  I had to have pink!  So I went to the store and bought all girly stuff.  I loved it! It was the 1st time I got to buy girl scrapbook stuff.  I bought a new album (that same size and style) in purple to match her 12x12 album.  So here are some of the pages.  I will put more in part 2--I want to show off almost all of them! 

  I really liked the way Jack's looked so I did the same for Addison.

Details of her new home, including her room.

These are just some cute photos.  The page on the right side will be journaling about my general impressions of her first days.


Big brother Jack

I love this photo.  I love to see all the pages--so full of bits of her life.

Hers and Jack's side by side.  I need to add more misc photos into Jack's.  I've been thinking I need to try to go back and make something similar for Sam.  I'm not sure I still have much from his birth, but I can try so he has one too.

There you have some of this cute album.  I love making such small pages.  It is a little challenging, but if you can print out smaller size photos (I like 2x3 for this size book), then it can be really fun.  I find that the pages come together really quick because there is less space to fill.  And I love having such a small book that I can take to show people or that can sit on a shelf in our house to easily flip through.

Have a great day everyone!

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Rusty! said...

Hey, it's me, Russ! Y'know. Tavia's friend. Great looking family you got there! I was admiring you scrapbooking skills. If I sent you a bunch of photos would you make me one?