Monday, May 11, 2009

Family Art Day

Family Art Day

I was feeling kind of sorry for myself Friday night because my art journal retreat had to be postponed.  It's also coming up on the time I was scheduled to go on a Watercolor Journaling field trip to the Channel Islands in California.  I cancelled that trip when I found out I was pregnant.  Since Addison came 5 weeks early, I would have been able to go! These 2 things prompted a Family Art Day.  R-Jay and I have been talking about this for a while--having time set aside on a regular basis for us all to work on art projects together.  It was first inspired by Amanda Soule.  (They recently had a family draw night which added to my desire to do this.)  Since it was such a beautiful day on Saturday, we put up the table and all headed out.  Here's what we worked on:

Addison sleeping--she loves it outside! (She's my girl!)

Jack just messing around--he's not really into art!  Where did he come from?

Sam's clay "projects"

Art journaling

R-Jay sculpting
 (doesn't he have such SEXY hands!!  It's one of the first things that made me fall in love with him!)

All in all it was a great afternoon.  The weather was perfect, we had a fun time.  R-Jay and I got some things done.  It felt good to do something that fit with the "culture" of our family.  This is important to us (obviously!).

Have a great day!

PS--Hi Russ!

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