Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Random Art Journal Pages

Random Art Journal Pages

Here are some pages to look at on this cold (and SNOWY!!) Spring (really?) day.

Quote says "The answer was always right in front of her...she just forgot to look."

Unfinished but I like it so far.

I was playing around with layers on this one and it turned out SO cool.  I may just leave it blank.

I used black embossing powder around the edges of this one.  So neat looking.  I love it.
(I don't remember who this quote came from!)

There you go.  I hope you enjoyed and that it makes you want to go play!

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LisaC said...

Jamie, your pages are gorgeous! You're right about that white one, beautiful as is! It looks like there are so many complex layers, just beautifully done.

Sorry about not receiving a letter. I hope it still comes for you. It seems like there are a lot of people who commit to stuff then don't follow through. I never signed up, so I'm safe :-) I see you like Blue October too? I LOVE them!